NC Spirits Association

We Don’t Serve Teens
Strategic Messages 2014

“We Don’t Serve Teens” has been a successful campaign launched by the Federal
Trade Commission (FTC) to combat and reduce underage drinking across the United
This year, a coalition of spirits suppliers, wholesalers and retailers is continuing to
revitalize the industry aspect of this campaign aimed at reducing teen access to
alcohol and educating social sources not to provide alcohol to teens:

We Don’t Serve Teens – and You Shouldn’t Either.
It’s Illegal. It’s Unsafe. It’s Irresponsible.

What We’re Doing:
Partner organizations within the beverage alcohol industry are supporting the FTC’s
campaign and spreading the important “We Don’t Serve Teens – and You Shouldn’t
Either” message to the public. This call to action is supported by industry organizations
and communities across the country to work together to prevent teen access to alcohol.
Aspects of the campaign effort may include some or all elements such as distribution
of point of sale materials at hundreds of retail outlets, a media kick-off event or
announcement, online advocacy and market-wide advertising aimed at educating the
public about the campaign and its important message.

Message Points:
• While underage drinking is at historic lows in our country, there is still more work
to be done. That’s why we’re revitalizing these activities to telegraph this
important message: We Don’t Serve Teens…and You Shouldn’t Either.
• The latest government research shows the vast majority of underage drinkers –
91.3% -- do not purchase their alcohol. They get it from family and friends or ask
someone else to buy it for them.
• That’s one reason we’re focusing our theme: We Don’t Serve Teens, and You
Shouldn’t Either. It’s illegal. It’s unsafe. It’s irresponsible.
• People who provide alcohol to teens undermine responsible parental efforts to
protect their kids. And – it’s against the law.
• This campaign is in support of a national effort begun by the FTC to reduce
underage drinking. The FTC’s “We Don’t Serve Teens” campaign includes an
informative website ( where parents can get useful
information on how to reduce teen access to alcohol. This public service
campaign and greater parental vigilance are clearly having a positive effect.
(Final as of 9-15-14)
• The latest Federal statistics show that alcohol consumption and binge drinking
rates among teenage boys and girls have continued their long-term decline,
reaching historically low levels.
• Equally important, the number of teens who report that it’s easy to obtain alcohol
has also been in long-term decline. But there is more work to be done.
• Even though at times parents believe their teens are not listening to them, the
research shows otherwise -- parents have the most influence over their
teenager's decision to drink or not to drink.
• It’s important, too. Illegal underage drinking can cause serious health and safety
consequences – not to mention legal consequences for the person providing the
• The site provides parents with things to do and say to
reduce teen access to alcohol. It recommends that parents keep track of alcohol
at home and speak up when underage drinking is discussed.

• So, as our teens head back to school and settle in this autumn, have the
conversation about not drinking underage. And help us spread the word:

We Don’t Serve Teens…and You Shouldn’t Either.